Pictures from Library Presentation

On the evening of October 30, I gave a presentation on “Self Publishing Your Work for $0” at the main branch of the Cabell County Public Library in Huntington, WV. Following are a few pictures from it.


The initial audience. More people showed up after this picture was taken and we ended up with 19 attendees. That was a much better crowd than I had expected!

CIG_IMG004_edited (1).jpeg

That’s me with my little remote in hand and one of the first slides of the presentation up on the screen. I’m proudly wearing my WV Book Festival shirt. I attended it during the previous weekend and signed books there.


A live action shot after the lights had been dimmed for better viewing of the presentation. By the way, I got to the library 1-1/2 hour early just to make sure there wouldn’t be any technical difficulties with hooking up my computer to their AV gear. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter any problems.


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