Pictures of my Library Presentation

Gave my talk on Self-Publishing Your Book for $0 again, this time at the library in Ironton, OH on the evening of Jan 17. Had an interesting connector issue and ended up having to directly connect my cable to the ceiling mounted projector. Thus, the strange set up with my computer sitting on a chair on top of a table. Nevertheless, the presentation went on successfully.



Upcoming Appearance


I’ll be giving this FREE presentation in Ironton, OH on Thursday, January 17. If you’re interested in getting a book published without spending a lot of time and/or money in the process, I think you’ll find this information quite valuable.

HPD Won’t Be Released Until Next Year!


Due to a variety of what I think are good reasons, including its entry into an award contest, I’ve decided not to release “HPD” this year. Of course, this will give me more time to fiddle with it and hopefully make it even better, thus benefiting my faithful readers. Sorry everyone, but it now looks like it will be released around May of 2019.

Granddaughter Bowling Birthday Party


This past weekend we had a 3rd birthday party for our granddaughter Evie (the little girl with the birthday cake shirt) at a local bowling alley. While there we got a chance to get a group photo taken of many of the members of my family. The lady on my left is my wife Gloria. So here’s a chance for you to see what my family looks like!

Pictures from Library Presentation

On the evening of October 30, I gave a presentation on “Self Publishing Your Work for $0” at the main branch of the Cabell County Public Library in Huntington, WV. Following are a few pictures from it.


The initial audience. More people showed up after this picture was taken and we ended up with 19 attendees. That was a much better crowd than I had expected!

CIG_IMG004_edited (1).jpeg

That’s me with my little remote in hand and one of the first slides of the presentation up on the screen. I’m proudly wearing my WV Book Festival shirt. I attended it during the previous weekend and signed books there.


A live action shot after the lights had been dimmed for better viewing of the presentation. By the way, I got to the library 1-1/2 hour early just to make sure there wouldn’t be any technical difficulties with hooking up my computer to their AV gear. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter any problems.