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IMG_0275Welcome to my web site. My name is Michael Connick and I’m a retired consultant and writer. As a writer, I have written and published two novels so far: Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors and Funhouse Mirrors. I based these novels on real life experiences. Like my protagonist Stephen Connor, I was born in San Francisco, worked with the intelligence community, consulted with the SAVAK in pre-revolutionary Iran, and lived and worked in Vienna, Austria. Today, I reside in Huntington, WV, along with my wife. I have resided in West Virginia for the past 10 years after a life spent living and traveling all over the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Here I write, shoot in Action Pistol and Action Rifle competitions, and volunteer with local organizations, including acting as a docent with the Huntington Museum of Art where I specialize in their very extensive firearms collection.

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Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors


During the height of the Cold War, a naive computer nerd working first for the NSA, and then for the CIA, dreams of becoming a clandestine intelligence officer. After a very successful tour of duty in Iran, his new boss, the Vienna CIA Station Chief, is calling him the “luckiest man in the world”. Nevertheless, he’s managed to accidentally attract the enmity of the KGB, the malevolent attention of an East German seductress, and the absolute hatred of a psychopathic KGB mole at the heart of Austria’s counter-intelligence agency. Will he be lucky enough, or skillful enough, to survive all these forces now converging to destroy him before he ever has a chance to realize his dream? Read Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors to find out! You can buy it at these fine bookstores.


Emma b Books: “5 out of 5 – Well worth reading.”

Books are Theater of the Mind: “Author Michael Connick has a background of working with the intelligence community and has provided us with an exciting and often hilarious fictional account of that background.”

Goodreads: “Full of humor and suspenseful twist and turns.”

Chroma: “5 of 5 stars – The story has a lot of potential to be made into a movie.”

Reviews by Karen: “This is a very interesting story, ala “James Bond” style of intrigue and danger.  Well written with a strong character who will keep your interest.”

Amazon review: “A book that held my interest throughout. It was quite entertaining and well written.”

Facebook: “This book is amazing. It appeals to those of us who are drawn by either technology or suspense and action or all of the above. A very good read.


Funhouse Mirrors

funhouse_mirrors_cover_for_kindleMy newest novel, officially launched on November 1, 2016.

Stephen Connor’s dreams have now come true, but will they turn into nightmares? Now working as a CIA spy in Vienna in 1982, he discovers a Russian defector who brings a terrible secret with him. A secret that may be the cause of a nuclear war between the US and the USSR. Will Stephen’s incredible plan to prevent war succeed or fail disastrously? Read Funhouse Mirrors to find out! You can buy it at these fine bookstores.





Amazon review: 5 Stars – “Great book!!!”

Justin Roberts, author of The Policewoman: 5 Stars – “This is the sequel to Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors and continues the career of Stephen Conner in the CIA.”

The Writer’s Guide to Weapons: “Today’s guest post comes from Michael Connick, someone who could probably sell his fictional works as writing guides for depicting firearms and action scenes.”


Afghan Mirrors


My latest novel, still under construction, and due for release sometime in 2017. It’s the third book in the Stephen Connor Cold War spy novel series and is set at the CIA’s Farm, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.