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Welcome to my website. My name is Michael Connick and I am an award-winning author of a trilogy of Cold War historical spy novels: Trapped in a Hall of MirrorsFunhouse Mirrors, and Afghan Mirrors, and have recently completed a new crime novel, HPD.

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During a career spanning much of the Cold War, I worked with various branches of the US intelligence community and the Department of Defense. My work took me all over the US, Europe, and the Middle East. In pre-revolutionary Iran, I consulted with the Shah’s secret police, the SAVAK. I also lived and worked in Vienna, Austria when it was the “spy capital of Europe.” I now live in the little college town of Huntington, WV where I write and compete in Action Pistol and Rifle matches.

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1557538707Ethan Miller fulfills a lifelong dream and becomes a police officer in Huntington, WV, a hardscrabble Appalachian city that will become known as the “overdose capital of America”. There he spends years attempting to bring a murderer to justice no one believes can be caught. He sacrifices his marriage, his happiness, and sometimes his very sanity for the job he alternatively loves and hates. He continually strives to become a “great cop” in a city that seems bent on destroying him.

Can Ethan bring this villain to justice? Can he overcome all his challenges and become a respected police officer in this struggling community? Read HPD and find out for yourself. You can buy it at these fine bookstores.


Eliot Parker, award-winning author of A Knife’s Edge: “My friend, Michael Connick, has an awesome novel that you will love!”

Amazon review: 5 Stars – Michael Connick is an outstanding story teller! HPD is an awesome adventure in the life of a small town patrol officer Ethan Miller. Factual and fast-paced I couldn’t wait to see what was on the next page. Great story!

Facebook: Excellent reading! Fascinating from cover to cover.

Goodreads: 5 Stars – I thoroughly enjoyed this book…Overall a satisfying and good read that I would definitely recommend to anyone with interest in the area of Huntington, police work in general, or a good story of a character struggling to keep his honor and pride.

Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors


During the height of the Cold War, a naïve computer nerd working first for the NSA, and then for the CIA, dreams of becoming a clandestine intelligence officer. After a very successful tour of duty in Iran, his new boss, the Vienna CIA Station Chief, is calling him the “luckiest man in the world”. Nevertheless, he’s accidentally attracted the enmity of the KGB, the malevolent attention of an East German seductress, and the absolute hatred of a psychopathic KGB mole at the heart of Austria’s counter-intelligence agency. Will he be lucky enough, or skillful enough, to survive all these forces now converging to destroy him before he ever realizes his dream? Read Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors to find out! You can buy it at these fine bookstores.


Emma b Books: “5 out of 5 – Well worth reading.”

Books are Theater of the Mind: “Author Michael Connick has a background of working with the intelligence community and has provided us with an exciting and often hilarious fictional account of that background.”

Goodreads: “Full of humor and suspenseful twist and turns.”

Chroma: “5 of 5 stars – The story has a lot of potential to be made into a movie.”

Reviews by Karen: “This is a very interesting story, ala “James Bond” style of intrigue and danger.  Well written with a strong character who will keep your interest.”

Amazon review: “A book that held my interest throughout. It was quite entertaining and well written.”

Facebook: “This book is amazing. It appeals to those of us who are drawn by either technology or suspense and action or all of the above. A very good read.

Funhouse Mirrors

funhouse_mirrors_coverStephen Connor’s dreams have now come true, but will they turn into nightmares? Now working as a CIA spy in Vienna in 1982, he discovers a Russian defector who brings a terrible secret with him. A secret that may be the cause of a nuclear war between the US and the USSR. Will Stephen’s incredible plan to prevent war succeed or fail disastrously? Read Funhouse Mirrors to find out! You can buy it at these fine bookstores.


Amazon review: 5 Stars – “Great book!!!”

Justin Roberts, author of The Policewoman: 5 Stars – “This is the sequel to Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors and continues the career of Stephen Conner in the CIA.”

The Writer’s Guide to Weapons: “Today’s guest post comes from Michael Connick, someone who could probably sell his fictional works as writing guides for depicting firearms and action scenes.”

Afghan Mirrors


Stephen Connor’s exciting Cold War career in the CIA continues, this time during the height of the Soviet-Afghan War. While in Pakistan he encounters his first true love with a beautiful red-haired CIA officer. There Stephen also discovers that he has acquired a mortal enemy within the Agency who is obsessed with destroying both him and his new love. He travels to Afghanistan on an incredibly dangerous mission and finds himself in a desperate battle for survival against the Soviet military forces there. Will he finally experience enduring love, or will Stephen’s enemies destroy them both? Read Afghan Mirrors to find out! You can buy it at these fine bookstores.


5star-shiny-web Readers Favorite Review: 5 Stars – “This is a great spy novel. The action is very realistic, and not overdone like so many novels do. The writing is perfect for the genre. In fact, the writing and the protagonist reminded me of the Jack Ryan character who featured in many Tom Clancy novels. Afghan Mirrors is the third book in the Stephen Connor series and I plan to read the rest.”

Amazon review: 5 Stars – “Another of Michael Connick’s fine books. I particularly liked the accurate information he brings to the novel regarding weapons and training. Subjects often glossed over, or incorporated incorrectly into novels.”

2018 B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree: “Wow, what a ride. This is a fast-paced book with action that never lets up.”