Pictures from Tri-State Authors Book Fair

On May 19, I attended the Tri-State Authors Book Fair held in the Center Court of Huntington Mall, Barboursville, WV. About 15 other authors from our region also attended. I shared my table with a friend who is a children’s book author, Suzanne Alexander.

Suzanne and I had a great time. Ruby Tuesdays provided all of the authors with a wonderful free lunch, including dessert. Captain McFinn was there for the kids and we had the typical Saturday mall crowds swirling all around us.

I had the opportunity to meet local authors who were new to me, talk with readers of my books, and to sell and sign my books to new readers. As with all book signing events I attend, it was great fun.


Posters for the event were all over the mall.


Authors scrambling to set up their tables before the event.


My setup at the Book Fair.


My table partner, Suzanne.


Captain McFinn, a friendly shark of few words.

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