My Novel Has Passed the Tamarack Jury Process


My novel, “Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors”, has passed the jury selection process and will soon be sold at Tamarack, West Virginia’s Artisan Retail Center located in Beckley, WV. This facility promotes and sells WV-made products and draws over half a million visitors each year.

The jury process for books to be accepted for sale there is somewhat onerous and involves review by a panel of West Virginia published authors and literary experts. There is a lengthy list of criteria that must be met before a book will even be considered. My favorite is as follows: “Books with little literary merit are not acceptable.”

In any case, apparently my book has been judged to have a sufficient amount of literary merit, and will be sold there as soon as I can make the necessary arrangements with their Book Buyer. I’m really quite pleased by all of this!


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