Upcoming Events and Appearances


I have been invited to be a Signing Author at this year’s Ohio River Festival of Books. I will be attending the festival on September 30, from 6:30 PM until 9:00 PM, and on October 1 from 10 AM until 5 PM. Admission to the event is free and it will be held at the Pullman Plaza Hotel, 1001 3rd Ave., Huntington, WV.  There will be a used book sale and a variety of presentations and workshops. There you’ll have an opportunity to speak with me and other tri-state authors, and be able to purchase my book: Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors. You MAY even be able to purchase my new novel, Funhouse Mirrors, if it’s released in time for this event. My fingers are crossed and I’m writing like mad! Of course, I’ll be more than happy to autograph and/or personally inscribe any of my books you purchase at the festival.


A Novel Experience


I’ve changed the old Scenes from the Novel page of this web site into a brand new page, now titled A Novel Experience. The purpose of this update is to to allow readers of my novel, Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors, to gain further knowledge and experience with some of the locations, food, and gear featured in the novel. I hope this will further your enjoyment of my book.

My Firearms and Self-Defense Training

In addition to being a competitive pistol and rifle shooter, over the years I’ve had the privilege to attend a wide variety of firearms and self-defense training courses given by some of the best government, law enforcement, and private instructors in the country. I’ve used this knowledge to help make my writing much more realistic than much of what’s written in the spy novel genre today. As a result, I think I can truly say that any “action scenes” in my books is extremely realistic and true to life.

Below are photos (click on any of them to see larger versions) from just a few of the training courses I’ve attended, and a list of these courses:

  • Fighting with a Handgun (multiple courses)
  • Advanced Handgun Techniques (multiple courses)
  • Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting (multiple courses)
  • Hand To Hand Combat (multiple courses)
  • Ground Fighting
  • Knife Skills
  • Impact Weapons
  • Vehicle-Based Gunfighting
  • Shooting in Low Light (multiple)
  • Backup Gun Usage (multiple courses)
  • Emergency/Tactical Medicine (multiple courses)
  • Performance Under Fire (lecture course)
  • Dealing with Violent Criminal Actors (lecture course)